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Comte de BuffonGeorges-Louis LECLERC
Comte de Buffon
Essayist, naturalist.

Next to Pasteur Metro Station, the Buffon school complex consists of:
• a junior high school of 700 pupils,
• a senior high school of 1000 pupils,
• scientific preparatory classes of 200 students,
• an adult training centre preparing for a Higher National Diploma and a Bachelor of real estate businesses.
Guided and supervised by 170 teachers, 4 educational advisers, and 50 non teaching staff members.

Today, Buffon is…

COLLEGE (Junior High School)

a travers fenetre 2 xsA school with state-of-the-art equipment in all dedicated classrooms.
Development of experimental skills with small groups of practical work in physics, technology and biology.

Conditions beneficial to oral expression in foreign languages in small groups.
• First foreign language: English, German.
• Second Foreign Language: English, German, Spanish.
• European section in German.
Options: Latin, Greek and DP3 (Vocational Discovery).

Active school library: methodology and assistance in documentary research in the timetable of all 6e classes; continuous exhibitions; early approach to the press.
ULIS for blind or visually impaired students.
Health and citizenship education.
Many sessions on health risk prevention.
Active School Life Council.
Training of class representatives on all levels.
Cultural activities: Drama Club, talents night, scrabble club…

LYCEE (Senior High School)

Dessin du lycée Buffon, par NevilA teaching structure that allows all students to continue their schooling here, according to their tastes and abilities, in the three general fields, L, ES, S.
Registration in Seconde:
Choice of foreign languages: English, German or Spanish or Russian (European section in Russian).
1st exploration teaching:
• Economics
Selection of 2nd exploration subject:
• Practices and Scientific Methods
• Or Science and Laboratory
• Or Literature and Society
• Or Visual Arts
• Or third foreign language, Italian
• Or Latin
• Or Greek
Optional subject:
• Fine Arts

In Première and Terminale, most of the specialties of sections L, ES, S are provided.
A reputable institution that keeps up its very good examination results, thanks to sustained work and uncompromising assessments.
A mindset that sustains traditions of cultural and academic quality. Its key words: freedom without laxity, openness, empowerment, solidarity.


amphi xsDessin du lycée Buffon, par NevilThe Lycée Buffon offers five scientific preparatory classes:

Two first year classes:
• MPSI (Mathematics Physics Engineering Sciences).
• PCSI (Physics Chemistry Engineering Sciences).

Three second year classes:
• MP (Mathematics Physics).
• PC (Physical Chemistry).
• PSI (Physics Engineering Sciences).

Those three classes are used to prepare for all national higher education entrance examinations with the best chances of success.
A team of motivated and demanding teachers, who combine experience and dynamism, and who are concerned about the future and orientation of their students, from whom they expect work, perseverance and investment.


- Tutoring in Mathematics and French at all levels.
- Advanced classes in French and Mathematics (in Troisième).
- Support pair working (peers).
- Tutoring by adults.
- Homework support, week days 3-6 PM.
- Exhibitions in the school library. But also workshops: theatre, talents night.

- Exploration teachings.
- Methodology and HELP.
- Visual Arts.
- Foreign languages ​​(Italian, Russian).
- The cultural option in L section.
- The UNSS (National Educational Sport Union).
- The CVL (Council of Students) very active in the lycée.
- But also a students’ hall, workshops…

School policy
- Axis 1: Mobilize and empower students.
- Axis 2: Strive for excellence.
- Axis 3: Meet the needs of struggling pupils.
- Axis 4: Value all students.

Buffon is also:
96.2 % success at Bac.
94.6 % success at Brevet.

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